Our Mission

In just two decades, lion populations decreased by 43 percent, and it’s estimated that as few as 23,000 remain. One of the main causes is the alarming rate at which they are losing their habitats due to expanding human populations and the resulting growth of agriculture, settlements, and roads.

Lion&Echer is dedicated to supporting research efforts and awareness campaigns to help fund a solution to the problem and to obliterate African Wildlife.

Looking at 14 large-bodied animals, the study found that 86 percent of them (ten of the species) were either extinct or endangered. Four of them (28 percent) are already extinct in the region. The Bubal hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus buselaphus) is gone forever while the scimitar-horned oryx (Oryx dammah) is extinct in the wild, although there are efforts to re-introduce it. 

Our Mission is to sell sustainable, quality, and eco-friendly products and raise awareness of the impact that humans have on our wildlife. With every purchase we make a donation to two organizations that help to improve African Habitats through research, awareness and education.

Lion&Echer is proudly supporting the following organizations:

In 1961, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), was established to focus on Africa’s unique conservation needs. This chronology highlights important steps in AWF’s growth and success for the past 50 years. They focus on ensuring habitats aren't destroyed by humans.

"We're working to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. Our multi-faceted approach ensures conservation strategies work for wildlife and people."


The Lion Recovery Fund invests in the most innovative and effective projects across Africa that can recover lions and restore their landscapes. 

Let's make a difference!