Over the past 20 years, the lion population has decreased by 43%, due to deforestation and poaching in particular. The African lion and the Asiatic lion are certainly the most threatened and are now included in the IUCN Red List of Endangered Animals. According to several studies, half of African lions are threatened with extinction within 20 years.

The African lion is in danger of extinction. Its poaching is mainly related to traditional Asian medicine , which lends virtues to lion bones. Once crushed, they serve to prepare love potions or even… tiger wine !

Officially exported since 2008, lion bones are now sold at 10,000 euros per carcass. This juicy vein has even created the breeding of lions in captivity in order to be « harvested » for their bones… a market that “grows by sight” attracting lusts…

But the majority of hunters are still interested in trophies. A few months ago, in July 2015, the most famous lion in Zimbabwe, Cecil, was killed by an American dentist for the sum of 50000 euros, arousing a wave of international indignation. 

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